Motorbunny exists to make personal sexual creativity more affordable. Our ride-on-top, saddle-style vibrator is the recent winner of the 2017 AVN “O” Award for Outstanding Powered Product, and is one of the most affordable, versatile and powerful devices in its category. 

A wide variety of Motorbunny attachments are designed to both rotate and vibrate, at speeds that "go all the way to 11." Hop on.  

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Our five beliefs illustrate why we believe that enabling sexually creative experiences is worthwhile, and that the way we do it is just as important.

Getting off shouldn’t be a luxury. Everyone deserves to realize their maximum potential for pleasure. Anything we do should be affordable.
You shouldn’t be punished for experimenting. If you have an issue, return it. No questions asked. No hassle. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you.
Innovation is good for everybody (especially our customers). We can’t invent the wheel. That’s been done. But we can make it roll better, for less money.
Customers are relationships. Not "sales." 
People should be treated fairly. Period.